What We Offer
Virtual at Home Workouts
Being stuck inside your house doesn't mean you can't workout with an awesome community of people. OTG offers coached workouts through Zoom which gives us the ability to coach and correct your form. Being able to interact and ask questions about the workout is crucial to feeling involved. 

Kettlebell Boot Camp 

Our high energy strength, conditioning, and kettlebell classes are are full body training sessions that are individualized to help you to keep getting better and strong each week. With our boot camp, you’ll never do the same workout twice. Our experienced team of coaches will ensure you’re getting the best 30-minute workout while having fun and meeting new people. Within weeks, you will start to see your body transform.
Our goal as certified Spartan SGX coaches is to help you become a better human. The program is designed for all fitness levels and is grounded with functional body weight exercises that will help to improve agility, athleticism, and power. The workouts are progressive; we move through a 12 week course starting with function and mobility, progress into strength and power, and lastly finish with obstacle training. We will be right alongside you coaching you on nutritional and lifestyle habits all the while building you up as a person. Because participating in a Spartan Race requires all around fitness, following a SGX program will develop you into a well-rounded athlete ready to take on any obstacle that may come in your path!