Here at OTG we believe in approaching your health and fitness as a life style change. It’s not about crashing dieting and spending hours in the gym because let’s be real who has time for that. We will teach you sustainable changes to help you learn new tools for your tool belt so you’re not constantly gaining and losing weight as well as giving you a fun and safe atmosphere to crush those 30min workouts. 

So, if you're ready and willing to make changes to your lifestyle then click the link below and contact us today to meet with one of our health coaches and together we’ll come up with a game plan that works for you and your goals. Don’t wait, click the link below. 

We looking forward to meeting you soon!

OTG Boot Camp Owner 
Meet Our Team of Rockstar Coaches
Courtney Waterbury
- Owner
- Dragon Door RKC
- Spartan SGX L2
- Spartan Obstacle Specialist
- Dr. Sear Health & Wellness Coach
Ryan Boubelik
- Head Coach
- Spartan SGX L2
- Spartan Obstacle Specialist
- Ace Group Fitness Instructor
Jessica Haskell
- Bachelors in Exercise Science
- Bellicon certification
Lynn Hicks
- Dragon Door HKC
Sabrina Kautz
- Dragon Door RKC
- Crossfit L1

Located At:
770 N. Halsted St. 
Chicago, IL 60642

Free Parking at City Church Chicago
Not Sure Where to Start?
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